Ok let’s get one thing straight.  Every girl needs to love their home and every home must have a bar cart.  Ok glad I got that out of the way.  I mean seriously, whether you have a random spot in your home that needs filled or you’re looking for a fun way to entertain, having a bar cart is a huge necessity!

Oh yes and because they are just oh so stylish of course.

A few weeks ago I posted all about styling a bar cart including some of my favorite ones found on Pinterest, so now I’m excited to finally show you my very own!  I found this gorgeous gem from the oh so fashionable Roxy who owns my favorite new shop Society Social.  Ladies, this shop is AMAAAAZING!  Truly every girl’s dream to all things fabulous and it really does have everything you could ever want to spice up your pad like decorative pillows, fun accent tables and chairs, and even entertaining accessories!  Though some things may be pricy, I always love finding a few favorite investment pieces and then decorating around them with inexpensive items.  Plus the bar cart has been around since the mid-1930’s so you KNOW it’s not going out of style any time soon.




I apologize for my camera skills…I know how to photograph food, but everything else I’m terrible at haha.  But anyways, the cart is still a bit empty as I need to add some glasses and few other items, but the gold accents really brightened up this nook in my kitchen!  It also gives me a good excuse to entertain on the reg…..which I’m totally okay with that.

As requested, here is a list of all the items on my bar cart and where you can find them:

Bar cart: Society Social // Chevron glasses: C Wonder // Gold shaker: Target (old) // Blue bowl: Anthropologie // Coasters: iomoi // Gold pineapple: vintage find // Glass decanter: Bed, Bath & Beyond // Paper straws: Shop Sweet Lulu // Faux hydrangeas: Michaels // Love print: Made By Girl

Like I said, it’s super easy to find inexpensive items that are cute and fashionable that you can use to decorate around any investment piece.  Also definitely try checking out your local thrift store or consignment shop as you may find a fabulous fixer-upper for a steal!  It may take awhile to find one, but they’re always out there!  Check out how the ladies from A Beautiful Mess, Design Sponge, Kitty Cotten, The Life Styled, and Devon Rachel gave their bar carts a makeover and prepare to be inspired!


What’s your favorite piece in your home??