There is just something about making homemade bread on a cold, rainy day that seems to just calm the soul and brighten your spirit.

And it’s also a way to satisfy that sweet tooth and make your home smell amazing, all at the same time!

And luckily I trick myself into thinking it’s consuming totally-god-awful-fattening-horrible-things-that-taste-insanely-good when in reality, it’s lightened-up and low in fat and calories.  Yeah I can be sneaky like that.  But sometimes it’s essential to enjoy the sweet things in life and this bread is no exception.Sweetened using fresh orange juice and orange zest, this bread calls for zero butter and just a touch of sugar.  I substituted the buttermilk for fat-free milk and added just a scant tablespoon of lemon juice.  Fun fact?  You can create your own buttermilk simply by adding lemon juice or vinegar to your milk and allowing it to sit for about 10 minutes.  The added acidity is what creates your buttermilk and saves you a trip to the store!