Yay it’s almost the 4th of July!

That means grilling out all day
and wearing red sundresses
while sipping sweet tea
mixed with vodka (of course)
probably in a mason jar
because you know my obsession.

Ooo and the best part is, my brother will be home!  This time last year he was in Afghanistan so I’m incredibly thankful to get to spend this fabulous holiday with him.  He, along with ALL the troops, truly represent why this day is so important to us.  I couldn’t be more proud of him!

So along with all the other goodies I made for this festive holiday, these little skewers are the perfect way to present your fruit at tomorrow’s cookout or party.  Pretty sure the heat index said something about it being 98 tomorrow (le sigh) soo there is nothing better than fruit and refreshing drinks!I also love these skewers because they are perfect toppers for your cocktails!

No…not everything has to be alcohol related, but sometimes it’s more fun that way 😉
Plus I have a day off of work.


I made the pineapple stars using a star-shaped fondant cutter and the rest is pretty much self-explanatory!  I promise this is the easiest way to keep your party festive and your guests happy.

Cute, huh?  Well I don’t really have a recipe for this, but all you need are a tub of blueberries, a bunch of strawberries (preferably smaller ones) and fresh pineapple.  Easy peasy!  You could also serve this with Lite Cool Whip, but I guarantee these will be a hit all on their own.  Plus it’s a great way to get your kiddos to eat more fruit!

Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday!
Now time to whip up more sangria.