Meet Kelly

Hello and so happy you stopped by Eat Yourself Skinny!  I’m Kelly, a confessed chocolate addict, recipe developer, fitness enthusiast and lover of all things pretty and organized.  Photography has become one of favorite passions and my dream is to one day write my very own cookbook!  I love to develop new delicious recipes, style pretty food, shop for fun dishes and most of all, EAT all the food!  So why did I start this little blog of mine?  Well I am so glad you asked!

girl-champagne-1Back in 2011 when I started dating my now-hubby Chris, we sort of fell into that comfort period that I’m sure most new couples can relate to of lounging around, watching movies, and eating whatever we wanted.  Well we both ended up gaining a little bit of “happy weight” as I like to call it and I wanted us both to get back into a healthier lifestyle.  So I started making new recipes every week and Chris would always randomly post them on Facebook.  Well I certainly didn’t want our dishes to look ugly for the world so I started styling the food before he’d take a picture and would save the recipes that we liked.  I’ve always been a huge fan of food blogs and thought it’d be really fun to keep an online account of these recipes and photos while also sticking to our healthy lifestyle.  That was when Eat Yourself Skinny was born!

I have learned so much on this beautiful journey of mine and things certainly have changed since I the start of my blog in 2011.  First of all you will probably notice that over the years Eat Yourself Skinny has slowly gone in the direction of a completely clean lifestyle.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love my sweets every now and then, but I’ve honestly never felt better than when I’m eating completely organic, non-processed healthy foods.  It was such a learning experience for me since at the time I honestly thought labels like “fat-free” meant healthy and artificial sweeteners like Splenda were good for you.  Through testing recipes and adopting a clean healthy lifestyle, I’ve essentially learned that if the number of ingredients included on the back of a product are too many to count (or you can’t even pronounce them), you probably shouldn’t be putting them into your body!  You can learn more about how I started my clean lifestyle here.


Another big change that happened this past year is that I married the man that took all those photos years ago who first inspired me to start this blog!  He is the most supportive person I’ve ever known and I am so thankful I get to share this journey we call life with him.  We got married in June 2015 in Charlottesville, Virginia and you can see all the beautiful details of our wedding featured here on Southern Weddings and here on Grey Likes Weddings!  I mean I just love having my very own professional taste-tester 😉

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Keep in mind that eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard. It’s a complete lifestyle change that can actually be fun if you allow yourself to try new things. Sure you’ll find some foods that you absolutely detest, but then there are others that may just surprise you.  Start slow and make tiny changes week by week, swapping soda for sparkling water, taking the stairs instead of the elevator or cooking with coconut oil instead of butter.  I can almost guarantee that by the end of a few months you won’t even see them as changes, but simply as a new way of life!

You’ll still find my older recipes that may not be so healthy on the blog because they DO taste delicious and I’d like to offer something for everyone.  One of the most exciting things that I have added to the blog are categories so you can now search by diet, course or WW points and attached easy-to-navigate food labels indicating whether a recipe is gluten free, paleo, clean eating, vegan, vegetarian, dairy free and low carb.
dietary-iconsSuper cute right??  I hope they make searching recipes on my site much easier now!  If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas, I’d love to hear from you!  Please leave a comment, send me a Facebook message, connect with me on Twitter, send me a message through my contact form or feel free to email me at cook.skinny (at)!  I LOVE receiving messages from my readers and will do my best to answer every single one of you in a timely manner!

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