Soo I promise there are in fact more recipes coming your way, but I just got back from spending a week at the lake for our last summer hoorah and of course to get one last tan (ah so depressing), but recently I’ve been getting a lot done with our wedding!  Since this is a personal blog aside from recipes I figure I’ll just document my whole wedding journey on here as well, hopefully I don’t bore you too much!

While on vacation I was super excited to see that all our photos were back from the fabulously talented Jodi Miller and let me just say whoah……..they are just amazing.  I couldn’t be happier with them and I have a feeling my house is going to be decked out in gorgeous canvases in the near future so I hope people don’t think we’re TOO self-absorbed!  We also finally ordered our Save-the-Dates.  I don’t have the slightest clue why I made this decision so unbelievably difficult for myself, but I literally could NOT decide on which ones to order!  I must have created over 20 Save-the-Dates and sent emails back and forth to my fiance on which ones to choose (which of course he thought they all looked the same and had no opinion whatsoever // typical)  I sure hope this isn’t a prelude to how things are going to be down the road for every decision I need to make for the wedding…..although I have a pretty sneaky suspicion it will between my OCD and perfectionist issues.  Yikes.  Anyway, we knew we wanted magnets with our engagement photos on them, so we finally decided on this little number from, let me know how you like it!

Save the Date FINAL 2

I wanted something clean and simple and since I couldn’t decide on which photos to use, I figured why not use two!  And yes if you couldn’t tell from the Save-the-Date above, we have a website too!  This was such a labor of love for me, mostly because, as I said before, I’m such a perfectionist.  After looking at all the wedding websites that were offered out there such as Wedding Wire and The Knot, for example, I honestly just wasn’t the biggest fan.  Maybe this is because I have my own website that I use each day or maybe because I’m just super hard to please (I think Chris would definitely agree with this one), but either way I decided if I couldn’t find a wedding website that I liked then I would just make my own!  So yeah I did.  Feel free to check it out at!  I had so much fun creating this little space for our friends and family to share in our big day.  Here’s a little preview of what I created:


So with our website finalized, vendors set up, color scheme finally decided and Save-the-Dates all prettied up and ready to be mailed, I’d say I’m doing pretty good on the wedding front!  I swear I would totally be a wedding planner in another life (or this one if the opportunity presented itself haha) because this is just too much fun for me, I really don’t know why people stress over planning so much.

Okay I definitely do, but at least the end result is totally worth it right?!

wedding 3

Thanks for allowing me share my wedding journey with you!  Tons of recipes coming SOON!!  Images above shared from my Instagram account if you’d like to follow along.  Happy Tuesday loves!!