So let me start off by saying – I HATE the word diet.

Seriously!  I have always despised that word and don’t think it should ever be used in our vocabulary.  So then why am I reviewing the 21 Day Fix??  Well because this program is definitely all about LIFESTYLE changes rather than going on a diet.  It also shows you how easy it is to incorporate exercise and healthier eating habits into your everyday routine, not only for 21 days, but for life!  I went into this not looking at doing this for simply 21 days then being DONE, but rather considering those first three weeks a milestone in my commitment to healthy living and using those tools here on out for the next 30, 40, 50 days (you get my point).  Having that mentality is helpful for staying on track too and adopting this as a lifestyle rather than a “quick fix.”

My 21 Day Fix Review! | Eat Yourself Skinny

So my husband and I actually decided to do this program together which was so much fun because it kept us both accountable and motivated!  When I meal plan each week I always cook for the both of us anyway so this wasn’t a huge change for us, but working out together is something we want to continue doing.  The 21 Day Fix focuses on portion control and the workouts are only 30 minutes a day which honestly I think we can ALL find time for!  Even the busiest of moms should find time for themselves for at least 30 minutes a day and if you don’t already do this then this is something I challenge you to try!  You work hard and deserve it.

Another important thing I want to note is that I know a lot of you reading this may have routines or programs you’re already used to, such as Tone It Up.  Well I LOVED that I could incorporate the Tone It Up plan in with the 21 Day Fix which was actually a marriage made in fitness heaven!!  I would wake up and my #bootycall would be one of the 30 minute workouts and then I would plan out my meals like I normally would (all Tone It Up approved) just using the correct portions/amounts and all clean ingredients.  You know I’m a TIU girl through and through!

So how did the 21 Day Fix work for us?  Well lemme break it down for ya!

Meal Planning

Ok so this was really fun!!  As you can see above, this program sends you different sized colored containers that basically teach you proper portion control.  Now don’t be turned off by how small they may look, you actually eat A LOT and you learn how much veggies, proteins, carbs, etc. you should eat in a single day in the process!  At one point my hubs wasn’t sure I was doing this right because we were worried we couldn’t finish all the food planned out, but when you start eating healthy your body gets full and satisfied on the GOOD stuff which is what healthy eating is all about!

Now these containers are super helpful.  Each size represents an actual measurement, for example the green container for veggies equals 1 cup and you can fill that container up 3 or 4 times each day (depending on how many calories your body should consume daily – you’ll calculate this before starting) while the yellow container for carbs is equivalent to a 1/2 cup that you fill 2 or 3 times per day and the red cup is a 3/4 cup that you fill up 4 times a day, etc.

Confused?  Well here’s an example of what one typical meal looked like for us!

My 21 Day Fix review complete with meal ideas, fitness tips and our results! | Eat Yourself Skinny

So for lunch I had turkey chili with a side of quinoa, veggies and hummus with some blueberries and bananas.  Now I’ll be honest, this meal is kind of all over the place as I was trying to stick with my normal weekly meal prep routine, BUT these containers are perfect to make healthy quinoa/rice bowls or big salads!  Simply just measure out your ingredients into the containers then throw them all together and enjoy!  You also get cute little labels that go on them so you never forget what goes in what.  I’m all about easy organization!

Another thing that is included (if you want) are Shakeology shakes.  These are great to make on the go and taste super delicious!  The 21 Day Fix actually comes with an eating plan filled with all sorts of foods you can eat, delicious recipes and even recipes for the Shakeology shakes too.  My favorite was the tropical strawberry and I actually threw in a half of banana as well and blended with some ice and almond milk.

Mmmm literally so good.

My 21 Day Fix review complete with meal ideas, fitness tips and our results! | Eat Yourself Skinny


So let’s talk about the fitness side of this.  You guys these workouts were actually really great!  I’ll be totally honest and admit I went into this program thinking I wouldn’t really care for them since I have a routine that I’m used to and sometimes change can be frustrating.  Well in this case change was GOOD and these workouts were fun, but challenging as well.  We were laughing while doing them because of how much we were struggling with, for example, the one arm row in plank position – it burned!  But our bodies felt incredible after and they are only 30 minutes each day.

The package includes 6 different workouts (2 DVDs) and here’s what you get:

  • Total Body Cardio Fix (a great HIIT workout!)

  • Upper Body Fix

  • Lower Body Fix

  • Pilates Fix (loved this one!)

  • Cardio Fix

  • Yoga Fix

So not only do you get cute little containers for easy meal prep with eating plans and yummy recipes, but you get ALL these workouts too along with a resistance band!  This really is such a great program and totally worth the $$$ in my opinion.  Also with your purchase of the 21 Day Fix you will automatically receive an email invitation to join a 21 Day Challenge Group hosted by Kristen and Jamie of the blog I Don’t Go to the Gym!

I Don't Go to the Gym Girls

Challenge groups are super helpful (and fun!) because they’re filled with other girls who are all working out together, sharing tips, advice, motivation, meal planning and accountability which really helps keep you on track so that you can easily work toward your goals!  Kristen and Jamie’s group also provides clean eating meal plans that include shopping lists and recipes for the FULL 21 days which takes the worry out of planning – you can find more information about their groups HERE!

Our Results!

Well I’m sure you’re wondering what our final results were after the 21 days were up.  I actually lost about 5 pounds and felt a whole lot stronger, but my hubby saw the best results!  Don’t they always?  Chris lost about 13 pounds and is super motivated to keep it up!  Obviously the more you have to lose the more weight your body is able to drop in three weeks so don’t be discouraged.  If you want to start eating healthy and working out, but don’t know where to start then this program is definitely for YOU or if you’re in a bit of a rut and want to try something new then this is great too!  It really has something for everyone and the workouts can be as hard or as easy as you make them.

All in all this was really fun to do together and introduced us to some new recipes and surprisingly difficult fitness moves which pushed our bodies and kept us motivated.  If you want to try the 21 Day Fix for yourself, just head over HERE to get started!

My 21 Day Fix Review! | Eat Yourself Skinny