YOU GUYS!!!  I am so excited to announce that Eat Yourself Skinny just got a much-needed face lift and TONS of other new updates/additions that I’m super excited to share with you!  This has been several months in the making as I really wanted to have a site that was not only attractive to readers, but that was easy to navigate and find recipes as well.  Another thing you might notice is that you can actually READ everything now! 😉  I can’t tell you how many complaints I was getting that my old site was difficult to read and too lightly colored so that was one thing I definitely wanted to modify.

Here are all the other ways that I hope Eat Yourself Skinny will offer a much better experience for you from here on out!

Mobile AND Tablet Friendly – YES this was a huge reason for making all these changes to my blog.  I’m excited to say that Eat Yourself Skinny is now responsive on all mobile and tablet devices which means that you should easily be able to find recipes right on your phone.  Go check it out for yourself to see what I mean!  No need to pinch and zoom everytime you want to read a recipe.  Everything is super easy to navigate and there is an easy-to-use search button too.

Search By Course, Diet or WW Points – I absolutely love this new feature.  There are so many different people who visit my blog daily with various dietary restrictions so I’ve made it really simple to search for recipes that cater to your specific needs!  I’m also going through an updating ALL the nutritional information for each recipe (500+) so that the new WW Smart Points are included.  I appreciate your patience because this may take some time, but I’ll get them all updated soon!

Easy-to-Navigate Food Labels – Not only can you now search by diet, but I’ve gone through and attached dietary food labels indicating whether a recipe is gluten free, paleo, clean eating, vegan, vegetarian, dairy free and low carb.  This is probably my favorite new feature as the icons are just so cute!


We Have a Homepage! – This was something I definitely wanted for the new site – a homepage where you can find everything you need to know all in one space.  I really wanted to have a mixture of both a website and a blog so this helps build Eat Yourself Skinny into more of a brand!  There is a new scrolling feature that highlights my most recent recipes as well as a sign-up box for my free newsletter and category boxes that lead to recipes by course and diet.

A New FAQ Section – I get tons of emails asking various questions regarding recipes, blogging, food photography, etc. so I thought it was about time I had a Frequently Asked Questions section.  You can find answers for everything from how I started this blog to recipe substitutions, food photography and even answers to personal questions!  Plus don’t you just love the expandable questions and answers?!

Other New Features:

  • I’ve added a favorites section on my sidebar that highlight the most popular recipes on my site
  • Easy-to-find search bars (one in the top left hand corner and one on my sidebar under my photo) that make searching recipes a breeze
  • New drop-down menus that make navigating Eat Yourself Skinny super simple
  • A new Resources page that includes my favorite photography products/tools and how I first started my blog
  • Brand new customized recipe box
  • At the bottom of each blog post you’ll find a related posts box which highlights similar recipes to the current one you’re looking at (for example – if you like spaghetti squash then scroll to the bottom and you’ll find related spaghetti squash recipes)
  • New hover image pin-it button!
  • Three places where you can easily sign up for my newsletter – the homepage, on my sidebar and at the very bottom of my site
  • New scrolling Instagram widget on my sidebar that shows the most recent photos
  • All new contact form that should work much better than my last one so hopefully I won’t miss any of your emails!

I want to give a HUGE thank you to Melissa Rose Design for creating such a beautiful blog and to Juliet Grace Design for the gorgeous logo and calligraphy details.  Most importantly I can’t recommend my developer Kristin Falkner enough for being absolutely brilliant in bringing this blog to life!  I had never worked with a developer before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but she made the process so seamless and easy for me, giving me daily updates on her progress as well as allowing me to test the site as we went along.

I truly hope you all enjoy the new site and please let me know your thoughts below!! xo