You taught me how to walk and how to ride my first bike.
You bandaged scraped up knees, read me stories and even snuck me candy when Mommy wasn’t looking.
You never judged my love for barbies even though we all knew you wished I was boy.
And still pretended to like all those girly things even after my brothers came along.
My favorite memories of you are cooking breakfast every Saturday
and how every Christmas morning you were up earlier than the rest of us to light the fireplace and prepare your video camera
simply to catch a glimpse of our excited faces coming down the stairs.
You were our Superman.
When I was a teenager I know I was a bundle of joy.
Ok not really, I’m well aware I drove you crazy.
Learning to drive, staying out past midnight
and even running your phone bill up through the roof.
But thank you for always forgiving my mistakes and having faith in me,
Even when I didn’t have faith in myself.
You drove me 4 hours to college with my entire life in the back of your truck
and insisted on staying to help me unpack it all,
even though I was mortified to have my parents around.
You came to my cheerleading competitions, let me cry on the phone when I failed my first exam and watched proudly as I graduated, with roses in hand.
I may be on my own now,
living in my first home, paying bills and doing other adult things.
But one thing will never change,
you’ll always me my dad and you will always be my hero.
Happy Father’s Day Daddy.
I love you.