It’s almost Halloween folks!  Probably one of my favorite holidays to celebrate next to Christmas because not only is the weather simply perfect, but it comes complete with crazy costumes, fun decorations and a good excuse to watch endless amounts of scary movies!  Chris and I hardly ever watch horror movies, but there is just something about Halloween that doesn’t feel right unless you have yourself a marathon fright fest.  Michael Myers anyone??

So to get the holiday started off right, I knew I had to of course host a fabulous Halloween party.  Since we already have plans for Halloween weekend and I knew this party was going to be earlier in the month, I decided to have everyone dress tacky instead of in a costume.  That meant find your ugliest Halloween sweater and dress as crazy as possible!  Here are the five things you need to know to throw the ultimate spooky bash!



I can’t stress enough how important your decorations are – they are truly what make your party unique and festive!  HSN just so happens to have amazing products that can turn any old boring party into a spooky night to remember!  They have everything from gold pumpkin accents to  spooky oil lanterns as well as gorgeous table toppers!  The gold pumpkins are perfect all season long and look absolutely stunning in your home or as a centerpiece on your table, trust me I know – I can’t tell you how many compliments I received throughout the night.  I used these amazing oil lanterns in the windows which gave off just enough light making them look realistic and creepy!  And what’s a party without festive tablecloths??  This table topper is my absolute favorite which we used to serve all the cocktails (see drink recipes below)  Accidentally happen to spill a little blood punch on the table??  No worries, it’s completely washable and will last you many Halloween parties to come!

And I’m always up for an excuse to throw another party.

Feel free to get creative too!  Make your own decorations using a cheap black table runner.  I ripped apart numerous holes and hung on the wall along with cobwebs, orange streamers and of course placed little spiders everywhere to creep people out.  I also found inexpensive green spotlights that I used going up the stairs which illuminated the stairwell and really made the cobwebs look extra creepy!  It doesn’t take a lot of money to throw a decent party – just some creativity, a lot of patience and TAPE!



A Halloween party isn’t a true party without festive food.  This honestly was one aspect that I was looking forward to the most and Pinterest gave me so many amazing ideas and inspiration!  Now let me warn you, the goodies I made are not necessarily healthy and use large amounts of chocolate, but it’s a party and sometimes its okay to splurge, especially when serving a lot of people!  Okay glad I got that out of the way and no worries, next week I’ll be sharing my favorite HEALTHY Halloween treats so that should make up for all these sweets I’m sharing today.  Don’t hate me….

So for the party I wanted to have a bunch of finger foods that were easy to eat and presented well on the table.  One item that helped me out the most in making all my spooky treats come to life was this garnishing set.  This truly had everything I needed to trim, slice, shred, scoop – you name it!  The set also comes with some fabulous recipes that I can’t wait to try and will be perfect for any future party I throw.  You’ll also LOVE this spider web cupcake stand  and pop-out baking pan because what’s a party without huge quantities of CAKE?!  I quite literally use this pan for every cake I bake and you can even get them for cupcakes or even sweet breads!  They make baking and clean-up ten times easier!

One of the recipes I received the most compliments from were these Witch’s Fingers, which are basically sugar cookies shaped into creepy fingers, colored with green food coloring and topped with blanched almonds.  They were surprisingly eeeeeeasy to make and will now be a staple at every Halloween party I throw or go to!  A huge thank you to Simply So Good for the inspiration behind this recipe!

fingers2The next recipe I made that was literally gone in three seconds flat (you think I’m kidding…) was my Pumpkin Cheese Ball.  For this I used a basic cheese ball recipe that I use all the time from Allrecipes, but did a fun spin on it by using the stem off a large bell pepper for the “pumpkin” topper!  Simply secure it using two toothpicks, chill overnight and serve with your favorite crackers – voila!  I promise your friends will love it and will be impressed at the same time.  This appetizer would be perfect for Thanksgiving as well or any Fall party for that matter!  Double the recipe if you’d like a bigger pumpkin – I may do that next time since the cheese ball doesn’t stay around for very long!


Along with the above recipes, I also made Chocolate Bones with pretzel sticks, mini marshmallows and white chocolate as well as Mini Mummy Dogs using crescent rolls and mini smoked sausages.  Mmmmmmm.

For the chocolate bones – all you do is secure a marshmallow on each end of the pretzel, making sure not to smush it in the process, then carefully dip it into the melted white chocolate allowing them to harden.  Easy peasy and they sure make great table treats!

I got the idea for the mini mummy dogs after seeing so many large hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls and thought these would make perfect appetizers!  Using a pizza cutter, simply slice the crescent dough into thin strips.  Then pat the mini sausages with a paper towel so that they are dry and wrap the strips of dough around them, making sure to pinch the dough on the end so they’ll stay secure.  Preheat your oven to 375 degrees and place wrapped mummy dogs on a baking sheet.  Bake for 15 to 20 minutes until golden and enjoy!  Feel free to give them little eyes using ketchup or mustard.

party 3

Along with these recipes I also made this delicious Monster Munch which I found on one of my favorite blogs A Spicy Perspective!  This is basically just chocolate covered popcorn adorned in sprinkles and mixed with all my favorite types of Halloween candy.  Not only was it insanely delicious and highly addictive (there I warned ya), but it looked so pretty on the table and was one of the highlights of the party!

Aside from the jello shooters of course, but those are coming later.

Here’s the recipe, but please see A Spicy Perspective’s blog for more details (and much prettier photos!)

monster munch


No party is complete without a fun theme, especially when it comes to Halloween!  Whether you choose to have a basic costume party, a tacky Halloween party like I threw, or even a scary/spooky party, everything must have a theme and people should dress accordingly!  My favorites of course are costume parties and I’ve even seen some parties that go as far to do either an all zombie or vampire theme (which would be awesome!) or even costumes from a particular movie such as Harry Potter.  Either way, any excuse to get your friends together surrounded by delicious food and tasty drinks is good enough in my book, but this Halloween try something new!


To go along with a theme, you HAVE to have spooky/yet fun Halloween music!  Luckily we have Apple TV set up in our kitchen area so we played a few different Halloween stations all throughout the night, but if you don’t have that, just make your own playlist on your iPod!  Here are a few ideas to get you started:


You KNOW I had to add some Brit Brit – what’s a party without her??  Yes I know I’m in my own little world and probably the only one who feels that way, but oh well!  I’ll always love her!


Now on to the best part!  Cocktails!  An adult Halloween party is certainly never complete without spooky cocktails.  This year I made a Blood Punch that I literally had to re-make THREE times because it kept going so fast!  It’s crazy easy to make and despite tripling the recipe this year, it really does make a ton in one single batch.  Serve all this up in these fabulous black wine glasses and you can have a classy, yet equally creepy party!  Throw in a few spiders or eyeballs, tons of ice and enjoy!

blood punch

And because three batches of boozy Blood Punch wasn’t enough, I decided to make red jello shots using giant syringes.  Oh man were these good!  Simply make your favorite jello shot recipe (preferably anything RED) and instead of pouring them into little cups, suck up the jello inside the syringe and lay the shots flat on a cookie sheet so they don’t drip.  Chill overnight in the fridge and enjoy the next day!  If you followed me on Instagram then you know how big of a hit these were!


Well there you have it, the five things you need to know before throwing a huge Halloween bash!  My friends came out in their craziest outfits, some as huge pumpkins, others in ugly sweater vests while some even made their outfits!  Check out some of the pics below and don’t forget to hashtag #boocrew if you share any on Instagram or Twitter – I’d love to see all the fun ideas you come up with for your party!!

party 4photo 2

Just wanted to give a HUGE thank you to HSN for sponsoring this post!  For exciting products, entertainment ideas and so much more, please make sure to check out their incredible line of kitchen products and festive decorations!  Also I’d like to note that HSN is donating $0.25 to UNICEF each time this PIN is re-pinned on Pinterest as well as 10% of all items sold in their Trick-Or-Treat for UNICEF store.  It’s a wonderful charity so please take the time to check it out and spread the word!!

Hope you found some great ideas and have a fun (and safe!) Halloween!!!


Just wanted to give a HUGE thank you to HSN for sponsoring this post!  For exciting products, entertainment ideas and so much more, please make sure to check out their incredible line of kitchen products, I can’t get enough! – See more at:
Just wanted to give a HUGE thank you to HSN for sponsoring this post!  For exciting products, entertainment ideas and so much more, please make sure to check out their incredible line of kitchen products, I can’t get enough! – See more at: