One of the most exciting times of the year is during award show season, the Oscars being my absolute favorite.  I don’t know if it’s all the glitz and glam, dresses or gorgeous celebs, but I simply swoon over every little detail that goes into such an extravagant event.  Well this year I had the amazing opportunity to team up with Skinnygirl Cocktails to throw my very own glamorous party and invite all my girlfriends!  I mean who doesn’t love an excuse to get all dressed up, sip skinny cocktails and talk all things fashion and Bradley Cooper?It didn’t hurt either that I just moved into my new house and have been dying to show it off for weeks now.  Just sayin.

So here’s a little recap of how I chose to entertain like a leading lady in case you need some ideas for next year’s big party!  Highly recommend this, your girlfriends will thank you.

I found this fabulous gold backdrop from a local party store and made my own chalkboard out of plywood and chalkboard paint.  The gold cake stands were made by gluing wooden plaques and candlesticks together and spraying them with gold paint – all in all it cost me about $10 to make three of them and I seriously loved them more than those fancy little white ones that come $30 a piece!

I’m on a budget ladies, don’t judge.


This tissue paper tassel was oh so time consuming, but came out just fabulous!  I loved the pops of shimmery gold against the red tablecloth.


And no party is complete without Skinnygirl Cocktails of course!  Not only do they have star-worthy signature drink ideas, but they literally have everything you need to throw such a glamorous event.  You can print out award ballots, fun bottle labels, red carpet backdrops, delicious recipe cards and more all right here!

So fun right??


Oh and I of course had to include a photo booth.  Just a little construction paper, a hot glue gun, some wooden sticks and bam, you’ve got yourself the cutest little mustaches to get your pose on!  I spray painted this old picture frame gold to add to the prop collection, I think it was a pretty big hit.


Now for my signature cocktails.
Best part…duh.


Now of course this is a food blog (in case you forgot) so I have to share my appetizers!  The menu consisted of marinated mozzarella with sun dried tomatoes on rosemary skewers, sweet and spicy meatballs, tortellini with pesto and sun dried tomatoes, puff pastry stars brushed with olive oil, sea salt and rosemary, mini spinach puffs and lots of sweets!  My cake pops were brushed with edible gold stars and tied with ribbon.

I just love little details.


All in all the party was a total success and everyone had such a great time!  The only downside was I had to keep reminding myself that it was in fact Sunday night and I had to be back to work bright and early Monday morning.

Le sigh.  Completely worth it though!

Hope you guys enjoyed all the pictures!  Make sure to visit Skinnygirl for even more award winning party ideas and fun cocktails!  Totally making this a yearly event!