Hi everyone!  Okay so I KNOW it’s been like months since I last posted (back in Halloween to be exact), so I thought I should explain why I took a little absence since I’ve had more than a few emails asking if I’m still alive haha.  Well the main reason?  I just needed a little break.  A break to spend my weekends with my mom going through her last few treatments of chemo (she’s finally done now!!), a break to spend time with my brother who leaves for Japan for TWO whole years and a break to just enjoy my weekends again with friends who never get to see me that often!  Thank you for all the sweet prayers and emails regarding my mom.  She’s officially done with her chemotherapy and is now ready to enjoy the holidays!

Oh yeah, and did I mention I’m engaged??

engaged 5

For Thanksgiving we decided to go down to Charlottesville this year to spend the holiday with friends and family.  Well you can’t go to Charlottesville and NOT hit up all the gorgeous wineries they have!  Chris’ parents’ house is just a few miles from Trump and Blenheim Vineyards so we decided to go to Trump first.  Little did I know, Chris had a private tasting set up for us and then when we went to sit outside by the fire he asked if we could take a picture overlooking the vineyards.  This did not surprise me one bit as I’m kind of a picture whore (for lack of a better term), but what did puzzle me was that he didn’t ask our friends who were with us to take the picture.  He took his GoPro (aka video camera) instead and set it up on the table in front of us.

Yeah I was pretty much onto him then.

We then proceeded to take a (fake) picture and that’s when he got down on one knee.  It was perfect, magical and everything I could have ever hoped for and more!  Our friends cheered and had a bottle of champs ready to pop with engraved champagne flutes.  My sweet girlfriend Tina, who seriously never ceases to surprise me, actually made that box you see above all on her own after stalking my Pinterest page!  If I wasn’t crying all ready, this definitely did me in.  We then spent the rest of the day drinking our faces off wine and celebrating – it was simply PERFECT!

engaged 3

engaged 1

And no we didn’t plan our gingham vested outfits….total coincidence.

Oh and the ring??  Yes he did an AMAZING job!  It was exactly what I had always dreamed of and he couldn’t have surprised me anymore!  Only problem is, I can’t stop looking at it.


So there’s my little surprise!  I’ll have all sorts of new recipes for you in the new year along with some fun holiday ones as well coming shortly.  Thanks again for your patience!!  Hope everyone enjoys the holidays and I apologize ahead of time for all the wedding talk that will soon takeover my blog!  Eeeeek!!!!