Unbelievable, no?

With many things in my life, I often think to myself why didn’t I pursue this sooner or why didn’t I have a passion for this years ago?  I graduated high school and went to college like any normal kid, but honestly had NO idea what I wanted to do.  So I took classes based on what I enjoyed…which at the time was science.  At almost 29 (yikes, I know) I can’t help but worry that I found what I’m passionate about too late in life.  Why didn’t I take those free photography classes in school when I had the chance?  Why didn’t I help my mother in the kitchen more often when I was growing up?  Can almost 30 year olds begin a whole new career path in life?

I could ask these questions until I’m blue in the face, but the simple fact remains…YES of course I can.  30 is the new 20 after all right??  This doesn’t have to be related strictly to photography and wanting to write a cookbook someday, those are my dreams and aspirations.  This could be any passion one develops and chooses to pursue.  I really feel if you don’t pursue something that you truly love and simply let it fall to the wayside, then that’s the greatest tragedy of all.  There is a reason people tell you to chase your dreams, they lead to such a fulfilling life.  And if your happy with what you do then I believe that happiness is evident in all other areas of your life.  I’ve had jobs in the past that I really, really despised and it made me an absolutely miserable person to be around.  I can honestly say I’m happier now than I’ve ever been in my entire life and I look forward to learning new things.  Just remember, Julia Child didn’t start cooking until she was 37 and she’s considered one of the great pioneers in the culinary industry.

So do what you love, love what you do and don’t be afraid to take risks.

I promise it’s all worth it in the end.

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  1. What a fantastic, positive and inspiring blog post. 🙂 I’m totally with you on the message, too. It’s never too late to pursue your dreams!

  2. Pepper says:

    Thank you for this!

  3. I absolutely LOVE this post!! I’m a tax attorney – I’ve always wanted to be one and busted my butt to get where I am. I love my job, but something was missing – I wanted more to do with my love of fitness. There was an opening at my local Pure Barre and I applied! My schedule worked out perfectly for what they needed.
    You’re right … it may take time to find out what you’re meant to do and such … but you HAVE to go for it. Really, you do!

  4. Erin says:

    I love this. We are human and we are always changing. Even if you DO find what you want to do at 19 that doesn’t mean you’re going to want to do it forever! I’m 27 and I’m also just now getting ahold on what I want to do. COOK! PHOTOGRAPH! Have fun! I love your blog and this was a great post =)

  5. I love love love this post. It definitely hits home right now as I’m going through a bit of “big think” on what I’m doing, what I want to be doing, and how to get there. Thanks Kelly! And good luck to you as you work to follow your dreams too!

  6. T says:

    After living in Las Vegas all my life, I up and left to Fort Worth, TX to attend law school. Granted, I was 28, however, I am 31 and still in school. I hated EVERY DAY i was here when i first moved. I cried a lot and had considered on several occasions moving back home. But I knew that I had done way too much to get to law school, and pressed on. After 3 years in Texas, I have made some of the most amazing friends, met the love of my life (in law school nonetheless!), and oh yeah…I guess I learned a few things in school too 🙂

  7. that’s a great outlook! sometimes i feel like a creative trapped inside an engineer’s life. engineering is “ok”… but it’s certainly not a passion, it’s just a means of paying the bills while my passion just takes up all my free time and rakes in no $$$… (sigh)

  8. Tiffany says:

    What a good reminder! I think about what you said sometimes… why didn’t I start this or that earlier? And usually it’s because it just wasn’t the right time in my life to start that thing. But when it is the right time… excellent!

  9. Absolutely agree! Go for it! I am a college and career counselor at a high school and so many kids at the age of 17 or 18 have no idea what they want to do with the rest of their lives, the point is that they shouldn’t! People are typically SO different at age 30 than they are at 18! My advice is do what feels right at each stage of life.
    Thanks for sharing

  10. Great post!

  11. This is so inspiring! I didn’t know that Julia Child started cooking at 37! I have been feeling so unaccomplished lately. I’m 32 and I think the Olympics depressed me greatly. All those young athletes making a name for themselves. I feel like my opportunities are dwindling. But this post definitely gives me hope.

  12. Love this! 🙂 thanks for your sweet words today! 🙂

  13. Emily says:

    great post! although not career-related, my dad didn’t start running until he was 56 and after he had quadruple bypass heart surgery! he’s now run 3 half marathons and is planning on running a full marathon next fall!

    it’s never too late! best of luck to you!!!

  14. Val says:

    I totally agree with you. I think about going to culinary school all the time.

  15. Anna says:

    You should read The Alchemist! Totally matches up with what you’re saying. I’m reading the book right now so this post was super ironic!

  16. Jamie says:

    THANK YOU for this post. I feel the exact same way sometimes. It’s so good to know there are others out there who can relate. The bit about Julia Childs is inspiring!


  17. J Ciriello says:

    I am a decade older than you and feel the same way. I was always slightly creative but not the artsy kid in school who was in drama, or music classes all the time. I also now live in LA and know that there are a million differnet ways to work in a creative field where before I thought you had to be an artist, musician, actor, etc. Yes you can start at any age and you can do it as a hobby or as a career. Just fnd a way to include your passion into your life.

  18. Love this, thanks for the inspiration!

  19. AMAZING post today Kelly. I love you 🙂

  20. I trully agree with you:) I am looking for my RIGHT path so thats why I took a baking cupcakes class today! It was really great. We all can have a real fulfilled life 🙂

  21. Jin says:

    Great post! I’m almost 29 yrs old and I often regret not following my dreams earlier. I’m trying to now focus more on my hobbies but I still work a job that I hate to pay the bills. Now, if I could only make a career out of my hobbies…

  22. Hannah Mik says:

    Thanks for the thoughts! I’m a junior in college and figuring out my ‘plans for the future’ is a really terrifying task. Hopefully I latch onto the things I really enjoy 🙂

  23. Loved this! Added to my weekend links that goes up on Saturday 🙂

  24. Ashley J says:

    Thank you so much for this! It is nice to have a reminder that no matter what age you are or where you are in life you are in control of the rest of it. I think we all need this reminder sometimes!

  25. I feel the same way all the time. Why didn’t I just go to culinary school instead of business school? I am counting down the days to quit my corporate America job for a job in food. I wish I found my passion earlier in life, but I always think of when I can use these skills later. I am 2 years from 30 and ready to start my real passion then! 30 is the new 20!

  26. Anonymous says:

    This post came at the perfect time. I’m turning 26 in 3 weeks and I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH MY LIFE..nursing school? consulting? nutrition? counseling? its so hard growing up but this post gave me a little comfort that I’m not alone!

  27. Christy says:

    I’m now 39 years old. I had a small idea of what I wanted to go to college for, but the nearby college didn’t offer the major I wanted and I couldn’t afford to go anywhere else. So I took the complete opposite road and SO regret it. I hated what I was going to school for and ended up not finishing, yet another regret. I now have new aspirations, but they will be put on hold until my kids are through college, unless we come upon a major windfall of money. So I will be nearly 50 years old and pursuing a new path. I believe I can do it and I can’t wait!

  28. SkinnyMommy says:

    Oh my goodness absolutely you can make a career change! 30 is young enough that you can make a few career changes. I have owned a Spanish school for children for 11 years and here I am starting a food product at 36 🙂 Something exciting in the works?!

  29. Great post! I tend to wonder the same things in life. Why didn’t I take photgraphy, why didn’t I cook? Why didn’t I know what I want to be? At the same age as Julia is when Istarted to cook, and a year later I started my blog and photgraphing. I know have new knowledge, a passion and it’s somthign i am exciting to do everyday. My thought si better late then never! Now that I’m older I have more drive to accomplish what I want and I know now I can get it!! I believe it’s never to late in life to do the things you love to do!

  30. I’m reading this as I sit here at a job I absolutely hate. And I agree, having a job you dislike totally drains you! Glad to know I’m not alone. At 25 I know I have plenty of time to make changes… I just don’t know what those changes are yet!

  31. In the same place in my life. Have so many dreams and ideas but no place to really help guide me on how to make them come true! Guess this best thing is time, hope it slows down enough to help me get my act together!
    New follower to your blog!

  32. Caroline says:

    I started doing many of the things I love now just recently, rather than starting in my teens (especially photography and cooking!) Still really learning both things, and that’s okay! I’m just happy I’m trying new things 🙂

  33. Mary says:

    This is exactly what I needed to read today. Thanks for posting 🙂

  34. Mawiyah says:

    Love this! Girl, 29 is a baby 🙂 I’m 37 – I have 2 kids – I’m a single mom and I still feel 12

    Time is an illusion – but love is real – do what you l.o.v.e.

    Great post

  35. Shan says:

    This really resonates with me. I’ve been having those same thoughts lately, and have decided to act on them! It’s scary to pursue something new, especially if it’s a different career, but in the long run, it would be such a shame if I didn’t chase my dreams. Thanks for the inspiration!

  36. Lauren says:

    uh oh, 39. you’re right though, that Julia info did make me feel like there’s still hope. Hmn what will I do?

  37. Lauren says:

    uh oh, 39. you’re right though, that Julia info did make me feel like there’s still hope. Hmn what will I do?

  38. PHEW! I have some time to make my mark on the world 😉

  39. Kate says:

    What a great reminder, it’s never too late!

  40. Brianne says:

    I hear ya 🙂 Gotta be figuring out what to do with my life sooner than later- scary and confusing to say the least- but great post- thanks xoxo Bri

  41. Great post! I often do the same thing….questioning why I didn’t start something sooner. Thanks for the reminder and I had no idea about Julia Child.

  42. KenzeLee says:

    What an inspirational post!! Thank you so much, this was much needed today!

    xo, Kenzie

  43. Great post! I decided what I wanted to be when I grew up…at 28. Now I’m thirty-two and a semester away from my college graduation. With a husband and kiddo. It’s never too late. Ever. Go get ’em!

  44. Shannon says:

    Wonderfully inspiring post! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing.

  45. Janna Renee says:

    Reinventing ourselves is the best gift we have! didn’t know Julia Child was 37, though. That’s awesome!

  46. Sandra Lee says:

    Fantastic, loved your post. I’m 32 and just now starting the creative career I wish I would’ve done years ago. I agree that a life not doing what you love is a tragedy.

  47. AlyciaMealy says:

    I love this post!!! I can totally relate to this !


  48. Absolutely!