Let me first begin by stating that if you don’t know what a bar cart is or understand the obsession that IS styling your very own bar cart then a) you are hiding under a rock, b) clearly don’t have Pinterest or c) ALL of the above.

Bar carts were super popular in the 1950’s (hello Mad Men!!) and it’s certainly no surprise that they’ve made a huge comeback as most vintage favorites make appearances every now and then only to be obsessed over for a few years until they ultimately die out.  I have a sneaky suspicion, however, that bar carts are here to stay, at least for a while, because I mean look at them!  They are just oh so cute, stylish and are sure to make any dull room pop with color!  They also scream “I’m a fun person!” in case you were wondering people would stop by your house and think you were boring.  Entertaining is also a breeze with these fun accents and you can bet you’re always sure to have some form of alcohol on hand – win win friends.  Ever since having my eye on this little gem, I have become just as obsessed as the rest of the world in wanting to style my own bar cart.  I literally sat on the waiting list for almost 4 months before it became available to purchase and I didn’t hesitate one bit!  My package finally came yesterday and if you follow me on Instagram then you are well aware of how obsessed I am over it.  Feel free to check out other bar carts I’ve pinned on my Pinterest page as well as the ones below!  Prepare to swooooon……

bar cartsNow for my predicament.  As you all know I am still in the process of decorating my new home which I purchased less than six months ago.  If you don’t remember, you can check out that post here.  Well I have certainly come a LONG way since that post, but it still seems like there is just so much left to do.  Specifically there is one area of my house that I am absolutely stumped on what to do.  It’s a huge area right off of my kitchen (which is my favorite place in my home) and since my floor plan is so open, it just looks like one large room.  Here’s the dilemma: obvious I don’t want my kitchen to look like a living room and we entertain so much that I thought about installing a bar.  We shopped around for different ideas, but I wanted people to be able to hang out and relax, and obviously (as seen above) I already have my bar cart, so my next idea was for a lounge.

Now lounges can look cool, but let’s face it, my house is not a club nor do I want my house to look like one.  I want this area to feel homey while still having a chic, stylish look – so I went with gold accents (I’m obsessed) with added pops of color.  With all the entertaining we do, this should make a fun place for my friends to hang out, relax and sip cocktails while still feeling like its HOME.  Take a look at the ideas I came up with and let me know your thoughts!

lounge ideas

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A few of those pieces I already have such as the bar cart, so I’m trying to decorate around it using it as my inspiration for the entire room.  Hopefully this will all come together and I can show you the final product sooner rather than later!  This weekend I plan on paining my bathroom a gorgeous eggplant color (with GOLD accents of course ha) and I’m FINALLY getting around to painting my bedroom!  That, my friends, is going to be a light gray and I’m hoping to have some leftover to paint an accent wall in my office.  An updated home tour should come soon, but I’m so picky that it might not be done til next year…….I need therapy.

So anyway, if you’re looking for a bar cart or just simply need ideas to decorate your home, check out the above and see if anything catches your eye!  If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on gold accents (which is obviously no one) then buy some gold spray paint from Michaels and have at it!  There are so many little odds and ends items I’ve found from different thrift stores and even Target that I’ve just spray painted gold and added to a bookshelf or my desk.  I get so many compliments, but no one can really tell the difference!  Sneaky sneaky.  Ugh but seriously folks….I don’t know about you, but styling a home NEVER ends once you buy one.  I’m constantly thinking up new ideas or adding a wish list to my phone, not to mention all the DIY projects I have planned.  Hopefully I’ll get my sh*t together sooner rather than later and can finally show you all my home!!